Everybody needs a break.
So, let us do all the work.


Incentive Tours

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Reward your staff for their hard work and show them your appreciation. --
An incentive trip for staff is an excellent opportunity for them to foster strong bonds within the organisation. When their contributions to the company's growth are recognized and rewarded, they will develop a stronger sense of belonging and become motivated to keep growing with the company.

We can handle any capacity -- Your group can just be 10 persons or 2000 participants. While all these tasks can become overwhelming and logistically challenging, with our meticulous and careful planning, we can make your dream tour come true.

You take the break. We will do all the work -- Leave the planning and coordination to our team! There is a hoard of options to choose from -- team building activities, tele-matches, dinner and dance, theme parties, shopping tours, sightseeing tours, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) trips, educational trips and the list goes on. We can find one to suit your organisation and make sure your staff has a good time.

We have the geographical experience -- We have brought clients to the different corners of the world, so no destination is too far or too near for us. You name it, we make it happen!

Luxury Cruise Holidays

Sun, sand and sea -- Travel in style and comfort accompanied by the calming sounds and panoramic views of the open seas. Take it slow, bask in the sun, and maybe catch an occasional glimpse of marine life! If you are an indoor type of passenger, plenty of entertainment awaits you. Pack your bags and get on board! Everything else will be taken care of. From far-flung Alaska to neighbouring Southeast Asia islands, there's always a destination that will suit your taste, budget and duration.

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Discovering Singapore

As Singapore further prospers into a blossoming country with blooming sights abound, exploring the Little Red Dot has never been more fun and fulfilling. If you've always wondered about what is there to see or experience here, let us bring you to some of the country's most hidden gems and prized finds.

You will uncover so much more with us; things that you never knew existed on this little island. We have the world's youngest casinos, Michelin Star restaurants, heritage eateries, a dam built for water activities and more. See the familiar sights in a different light as we bring you on an action-packed journey, creatively planned to give you an unforgettable, life-changing experience.

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